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Mardi Gras Professional Lighting

Mardi Gras Professional Lighting It's Carnival Time!!! This means parades, beads, marching bands, floats...and of course Mardi Gras parties. The purple, green and gold colors will decorate New Orleans on every corner, business and home. Whether you are ready for Endymion in Mid-City or preparing for Zulu and Muses Uptown, it will certainly be a [...]

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Enjoy the Holidays…Let Us Decorate for you

ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS AND LET US DECORATE YOUR HOME! Holiday decorations have become time consuming and very involved. Lighting is quite difficult, requiring a tall ladder to reach the heights of the upper levels of your home, using nails and hooks to attach the decorative elements. There are the many components that have to be [...]

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Are You Ready For the Holidays?

The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner School has just started up and the summer schedule filled with free time is gone. Our days are slowly getting shorter and are now filled with more traffic, carpool lines and of course the regular day activities ranging from working to errands. But, as we enter September, the [...]

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When Do Holiday Decorations Go Up?

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving too, so When Do Holiday Decorations Go Up? If you look at the store shelves, you would think that it is time to decorate for Christmas and Chanukah at the beginning of October maybe even September. Some people skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving and go straight to December Holidays. But [...]

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Holiday Lighting Evolution

Holiday lights have greatly evolved since the days of placing real, burning candles on a tree. The Holiday Lighting Evolution made a huge change in 1882 when Edward H. Johnson, inventor and vice president of Thomas Edison’s booming electric company, strung 80 red, white and blue light bulbs on his scrawny evergreen in his New York [...]

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