Holiday Decorating - by TerminixHoliday decorations have become time consuming and very involved. Lighting is quite difficult, requiring a tall ladder to reach the heights of the upper levels of your home, using nails and hooks to attach the decorative elements. There are the many components that have to be woven into a cohesive design. Perhaps you are the type of person that knows what they want but does not know how to achieve a well-integrated, balanced design, or the type who does not know how to edit their design.  We’re here to help you turn your home into a festive haven for the holidays.

Our services begin with a Holiday Décor Specialist working directly with you to produce a comprehensive custom lighting design for your property that fulfills your vision.  There are a variety of different lights that can be incorporated from an array of color to the blinking variety, and beyond.  We use the latest lighting technology, including only LED bulbs that are both longer lasting and more energy efficient. Your holiday lighting can be controlled by your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, creating a uniquely compelling lighting display.  Illuminated figures, nutcrackers, other figurines, wreaths, garlands, and trees can also be integrated into the design.  Once you have signed off on the design, our technicians will come out to your home at the appointed time and install every aspect of the agreed upon plans.  Specialty clips and fasteners, as well as training in the processes of proper installation techniques, are used to both secure the decorative components properly and protect your home.  A significant part of our service is to maintain your holiday display throughout the holiday season, then removing and storing your decorative elements after the holidays are over until the following year.  We catalogue and securely store them until needed once again. We’re a full service company dedicated to satisfying our loyal customers.

Call us today at (504) 834-7330 or email us at ChristmasDecor@terminixno.com and schedule your professional holiday decoration consultation today!