Halloween is over and Thanksgiving too, so When Do Holiday Decorations Go Up?

Christmas Holiday Figurine DecorationsIf you look at the store shelves, you would think that it is time to decorate for Christmas and Chanukah at the beginning of October maybe even September. Some people skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving and go straight to December Holidays. But in truth there is no steadfast rule for when to break out the decorations. Unlike the No white after Labor Day rule, there is no exact date to starting hanging the holiday lights. For some, Thanksgiving is the starting gate for the winter holidays and of course Black Friday to start the shopping. Yet, others begin decorating around November 1. What do you think, is there a too soon?

The Wreath

A small way to begin the decorating begins for some with the door wreath. It is the perfect bridge between the holidays. Think about using a wreath made from eucalyptus and juniper branches to celebrate the winter spirit without jumping straight to Christmas and it can last for weeks. Hang it up in November and add some holiday cheer come December such as red ornaments or tinsel.

The Tree

The Christmas tree lots or getting stocked and the huge red and white tents are going up. This means that the Fresh Christmas trees are ready to be selected. Fresh Christmas trees often go on sale the day after Thanksgiving, and many families start their holidays with the family tradition of selecting the best tree. To Flock or Not To Flock…this may be a big decision especially if you buy your tree early in the season.

The Home Lightsother

How do you decorate the exterior of your home? Do you have lots of light up figurines, blow up Santa Clause or Menorah, or maybe even an elaborate light display? Decorating your roof, bushes and home entrance can be a lot of work. It takes time to layout your lighting design and to install it correctly to withstand the weather changes and to not harm your home. When you begin your holiday home lighting decorations may be determined the complexity of your lighting design.

If you want a little help decorating for the holiday season, call Home Decor by Terminix to help. Let us decorate your home for the holidays with a professional lighting design and display. We will handle the lighting design, setup and take down so can just enjoy the holidays. We will work with you to create a customized design lighting plan that enhances your property’s best features. Then, we will ensure that your lighting display is installed correctly and maintained throughout the holiday season. After the holidays are over, we will remove all of the lighting and displays and store them until the next holiday.  Call Us: Eastbank (504) 834-7330 / Westbank (504) 368-3680.