How Much Is Too MuchHow Much Is Too Much?

It’s that time of year again and decorations are going up in pretty much every neighborhood. Right now your home or business is most likely decked out for Halloween, but that will change in about three weeks to Thanksgiving decor and then most people will go all out for Christmas. Scenes from the 2006 movie “Deck The Halls”  come to mind. But when  do you know that you are going overboard in other words: how much is too much?

How Much Do You Need?

When it comes to decorating your home or business, it really all depends on what you like best. Do you just want to put a few accent lights up or do your plan on impressing the entire neighborhood? You might be able to stand out by choosing a simple color scheme. You could simply white or silver to make your home, business or backyard shine. It you are more adventurous, the options are limitless from combining different color lights to having your lights change colors, no matter which way you decide to go, the holiday lighting experts at Terminix will make sure that your neighbors will be jealous. Yes, Terminix does holiday lighting services.

What Can Go Wrong?

How Much Is Too Much There is nothing more annoying than spending hours of untangling the wadded up lights you just pulled out of your attic, just to find out that half of them don’t even work. If you have a lot of decorations and don’t know where to put them, Terminix can store your treasures for you. Putting up the lights yourself can be a hazard. Every year people sustain injuries from either broken bulbs or from falling off ladder while putting up their decorations.  The decorations you inherited from previous generations and years probably have a great sentimental value to you, but they don’t necessarily look the part any longer or they just do not work anymore.

Let The Experts Help You

Did you know that Holiday Decor by Terminix provides professional lighting services to homes and businesses in the entire greater New Orleans area? Our experts can brighten up your property with holiday decorations that will make your neighbors jealous. Celebrate any holiday from Christmas and New Year’s to Mardi Gras and Easter in style without worrying who will have to hang up the lights this time. You don’t even need to search for your old decorations, we have a huge selection that will help brighten up your neighborhood. We have the lights and ornaments that are right for your property from wreaths and trees, to illuminated figures, to Nutcrackers and other Holiday favorites, we can make your business or home stand out this season.

Call Terminix today Eastbank (504) 834-7330 / Westbank (504) 368-3680 and schedule your professional holiday decoration consultation today!