Keep Your Home Sparkling Through Mardi Gras

As you know, in New Orleans, the holiday season is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas next are New Year’s Eve and, of course, Mardi Gras. Your Christmas decorations have been up for about a month, and let’s be honest, aren’t you getting tired of looking at the same decorations and sparkling lights? And keep in mind, you may not be the only one who is getting bored with the same look, your neighbors might be too! Well, we have a simple solution to your problem: just switch up your decor according to the holidays. Now, we are passed Christmas so update your decorations for New Year’s Eve! Switch out some of the red and green lights for white lights. And then, for Mardi Gras, you should go all out. Your yard, home and business should be decked out in yellow, green and purple! By switching up your decorations, your home or business will stay the focal point for your neighborhood!

Let The Experts Help You

Did you know that Christmas Decor by Terminix provides professional lighting services to homes and businesses in the entire greater New Orleans area? Our experts can brighten up your property with holiday decorations that will make your neighbors jealous. Celebrate any holiday from Christmas and New Year’s to Mardi Gras and Easter in style without worrying who will have to hang up the lights this time. You don’t even need to search for your old decorations, we have a huge selection that will help brighten up your neighborhood. We have the lights and ornaments that are right for your property from wreaths and trees, to illuminated figures, to Nutcrackers and other holiday favorites, we can make your business or home stand out this season.

Call Terminix today Eastbank (504) 834-7330 / Westbank (504) 368-3680 and schedule your professional holiday decoration consultation today!