It is scary to say out loud, but here it goes…..THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!

resdecor3The fall weather is here providing a wonderful break from the New Orleans humidity and drenching heat. But, this also is a sign that the holidays are coming starting with Halloween then Thanksgiving and then Chanukah and Christmas. Preparations maybe be on your mind or maybe just procrastination. Holiday shopping is on our minds filled with toys, gifts, and of course decorations.

Decorating your home or business with holiday lights is a really fun part of the holiday season. Whether you choose red and green or blue and white as your design color scheme, it will brighten your property with holiday cheer. However, the holiday season always seems to come so quickly as we are running to grocery stores and picking up last minute gifts. Sometimes a little decorating help can make the holiday preparation easier.

Let the Professionals at Holiday Decor by Terminix help you decorate your home. Your Holiday Decor Professional will evaluate your property based upon your specific requests. Then, we will layout a customized lighting and decorating plan that accents the best features of your home or business. We will work with you throughout the design process and answer all of your questions and concerns.

Our experienced installation crews handle every aspect of your holiday lighting decorations. First, we will call and schedule our lighting installations at a convenient time for the homeowner. Then, we use customized clips and fastener products combined with proper installation procedures to ensure that your property is not damaged. Last, we will maintain your lighting decoration throughout the holiday season.

We provide a complete lighting design service that includes removing and storing all of your holiday display decorations. When the holiday season is over, we will schedule a convenient time to take down your holiday decorations. We will remove all of the decorations, mark and label them, and then we will store them until you need them for the next holiday.

Packages start at $449 and include the following: Front Ridge Line, Front Door, & Front Gutter. Call Daniel Bourgeois today (504) 368-3680 and check out our website for more options Click Here.